Arguably the main attraction of Monteverde, the massive 10,500 hectares (26,000 acres) of Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is based 70,000 tourists a year. It is known as the site with the largest number of orchids in the world, with 34 of its 500 newly discovered species. More than 60 species of amphibians, including the extinct Monteverde golden toad is endemic and extinct, not found in Monteverde anymore. This area is also a stop of 91 species of migratory birds. The famous quetzal resides here all year. Monteverde mammals include representatives from North and South America as endemic species. The mammal fauna of the region includes six species of marsupials, three muskrats, at least 58 walking sticks, three primates, edentates seven, two rabbits, a ground pig, three species of squirrels, a species of spiny mouse, so least 15 species of long-tailed rats and mice (family Muridae): a species of porcupine, an agouti paca one, two canids, mustelids five, four procyonid species, six species of felines, two species of wild pigs, two species of deer, and tapir.