Cables of up to 3400 feet long and 600 feet high

Costa Rica is also known for its canopy tours, world-renowned. Imagine sailing through the treetops hundreds of meters in the air with an opportunity to observe the diverse fauna. Do not worry, safety is a priority here. With almost a quarter of the land covered by tropical forests, there are dozens of places and companies that make exciting adventures. Although many of the national parks of Costa Rica offer canopy tours, the best ones are in Monteverde, Arenal area and Manuel Antonio.

There are a number of ways elevated along the forests of Costa Rica with suspension bridges in a valley where you can walk above the treetops and get a unique panoramic aerial view of the forest tops. However, the most popular form is the zip-line canopy; a practice with strong steel cables strung between old and extremely strong trees. Tourists are released through the forest from tree to tree along these lines through a safety harness.

Without a doubt, the most famous canopy tours are in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. This region is located on the Continental Divide of Costa Rica, at an altitude of 1440 meters, producing a very thick and cold cloud layer. Here are more than 500 species of animals and 2,500 species of plants – and you can be sure to find some of them during this adventure.

There are several companies operating canopy in Monteverde, the most popular is Monteverde Extremo Park where you will discover fourteen cable systems, the longest is 1030 meters! Cross over the stunning jungle views that will take your breath away. Monteverde Extremo Park offers an equally exciting adventure, with platform slightly smaller than the rest and more independent brake systems. A popular feature here is the “Tarzan Swing”, a firmly attached rope hovering over a huge cliff, from where you fall freely and swing.

Navigate through the sky with a spectacular view of the characteristic Monteverde rain forest. With the treetops background, canopy tours in Monteverde offer some of the most scenic drives in the country. Monteverde Extremo Park will take you through the jungle for the first time from the highest point beginning to descend all the cables quickly and excitingly until you get back to the ground. From here, visitors will get unparalleled views of the lush beauty. The trip takes about 2.5 hours.

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Without a doubt, the most famous canopy tours are in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. In this tour you can enjoy fourteen cables, the longest is 1030 meters. This canopy is one of the most exciting in the country and also combines the Superman Zip Line a tightly attached...

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